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Property owners who need to maintain a certain degree of control where security and access are concerned will do well to install an efficient master key system. A locksmith California can help you choose the most appropriate, high-quality master key system, especially if you have a commercial property or office within California and its many surrounding areas.

What is a master key system?

A master key system is a security system that is created to provide access to certain properties, areas, or buildings to specific key holders. This system is composed of several locks which may be operated through several specific keys; however these locks may also be accessed by using a certain key which is known as the master key. Most master key systems devised by commercial locksmith companies are composed of a change key or servant key, maintenance keys, sub-master keys, master keys, and a principal key, usually known as the grand master key.

Why go for a master key system?

Master key systems have several benefits. First of all, these systems are more convenient to property owners or building administrators. Through the use of a single key, you will have access to all points of entry in any building or property, which is an efficient means in monitoring rooms and certain areas. Master key systems moreover limit access only to a certain individual or individuals. This is excellent in maintaining better security at all times. Essentially, you can access all rooms with just one key. Locksmiths offering high-quality locksmith services usually offer master key products and master key installation solutions.

Sophisticated, state-of-the-art master key systems are ideal for a wide range of commercial properties, from offices to commercial buildings, retail stores, hotels, and apartment complexes. To learn more about locksmith solutions and installing these master key suites, get in touch with Locksmith Solutions anytime.


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